• Money Exchange Facility.
  • Doctor on Call
  • Same Day Laundry Services
  • Car Rental
  • Credit Card Faclity
  • Tea/Coffee making Facilities
  • Mini bar Refrigirator
  • Helpful warm & Friendly
  • Room Services(F/M)
  • Wi-Fi Internet access.

5 tips to choose the best hotels in Mcleodganj

You have planned to go to McLeodganj next vacation. You are excited beyond limit and would like to explore this romantic hill station the next winter. The adventures and scenic beauties will charm you but first you need to book for room in the best hotels in Mcleodganj. The best deal in the best hotel is to be made. Here are some tips for such deals!

  1. Market of booking hotels – You must check the right time when you must book the hotel. There are times when the booking is low and room prices fluctuate. The market is low and you can know about these if you sign for newsletters from different hotels that are named to be the luxury hotel in Mcleodganj in the area. You will get promotional deals and packages for different time of the year. Check the market and then pick up the best deal.
  1. Make advance booking for the peak season – This hill station is definitely a better choice for people who love adventure sports and natural beauty. Though this place is a favorite destination for many, you can do an advance booking of the hotel. Find the best hotels from the different travel sites. Compare the hotels in Expedia, Travelocity or other similar sites and then do some research. Come to a decision about which hotel you want to stay in. Then make an advance booking. Call up the hotels in Mcleodganj directly and speak with the manager for the best rooms available.
  1. Find what you are paying for – You will watch for booking terms from the hotel’s own site. You need to check for any special deals. They may also offer you coupons. The booking fees may differ if you pay with credit card or there may be some other charges for cancellation within a certain time. Look for amendments rules before you book the rooms. You must be sure for what you are paying for. You should also know if they will refund your money and then book the room. You should also check for the rates of the room and what other things are being charged for – when you book the rooms. There are hotels where you can get free wi-fi, calls and gym facilities. You will get the best deal if you know the things you are paying for and what are being offered with the package.
  1. You can make plans for the weekdays and avoid weekends –Maximum people opt for the weekends as they merge the off days with the vacation. You can avoid a huge rush if you avoid the weekends and try to plan for the weekdays. You may find better deals for the weekdays. You can save up for the trip and you can also get some great package deals if you go during the mid-week.
  1. Booking apps for handy booking – You can try the apps for booking the best hotels. In this way you will get updates of the luxury hotel in Mcleodganj with ease. You can book when the rooms of a particular hotel is available – as per your choice. Such apps will give you a wider view and an instant way to keep yourself informed of the best deals.

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